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Quality Legal Representation

We offer high quality tax services and meticulous attention to detail for clients around the world. No case is too large or small. Taxpayers have rights; you have the right to seek legal advice and representation from a qualified tax attorney.  Get help solving your IRS tax problems right-away.

Proven Tax Law Experience

With over 25 years of experience representing clients from all over the world, The Law Office of Anthony Verni provides practical solutions to the most sophisticated tax problems, offering you the personal treatment, attention to detail and the experiential knowledge you deserve.

We Get Results

The Law Office of Anthony N. Verni has delivered successful results to clients throughout his decades of focus practicing U.S. Tax Law.  Consult a tax attorney who is also a CPA, someone who will take your case seriously.  Know your rights as a US taxpayer and seek qualified help. Don’t face the IRS alone, get the legal advice and representation you need.

Our Services

We can help you navigate through the complexities of the U.S Tax Laws and the Bank Secrecy Act and may be able to minimize your Federal tax liability, resolve your FBAR penalty case and help you come into compliance with the IRS. 

New Jersey Tax Attorney  & Certified Public Account

A map of the world where U.S. expatirates live outside the United States but are still required to pay foreign income tax to the IRS

Strategic Thinking for the Resolution of Complex and Sensitive Tax Law Matters

Are you an Expatriate? Are you a Foreign Citizen living in the U.S.? Have you been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service? Do you have unfiled federal and state income tax returns? Verni Tax Law can assist you with all your tax and financial reporting compliance issues and may be able to help you reduce or eliminate your U.S. Taxes, mitigate FBAR penalties and prevent you from becoming the next target of an IRS criminal investigation.

Verni Tax Law is a boutique tax practice committed to the development and implementation of meaningful domestic and international tax strategies that yield maximum tax savings to the client, while at the same time, minimizing risk.  Anthony N. Verni advises individual and businesses throughout the United States  and overseas on complex and sensitive domestic and international tax matters including tax and reporting compliance issues, sensitive inbound and outbound business  transactions  and structures, resolution of  disputes between taxpayers and the IRS, tax and financial compliance and income, gift and estate tax planning.  As an attorney/certified public accountant with over 20 years of tax, business and financial experience, Anthony is able to provide his clients with unique and insightful perspectives when developing tax, business and financial solutions that reflect both quantitative and qualitative factors as well as sound reality testing.

Verni Tax Law has offices in Princeton, New Jersey and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and represents individual taxpayers, trust and estates, business entities, as well as foreign financial institutions, trade associations and professional entertainers. Verni Tax Law also represents professionals who practice before the IRS in disciplinary matters initiated by the Office of Professional Responsibility for the Department of the Treasury.

We represent taxpayers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut as well as South Florida and throughout the continental United States. We also represent clients all around the world.

Comprehensive and Effective Strategies
Especially When Dealing with Sensitive and Complex Tax Problems

The U.S. tax laws are complex and confusing. In addition to the Internal Revenue Code, and treasury regulations, case law, revenue rulings and other official directives continue to muddy the waters. Furthermore, the IRS has now been tasked with the administration and enforcement of non-tax matters, such as foreign financial account reporting, reporting on certain cash transactions, health insurance and the like. These additional responsibilities facing an already over-worked IRS, have contributed to the “bottleneck”in the disposition of outstanding tax cases.

Navigating these treacherous waters requires the assistance of a knowledgeable and seasoned tax attorney who possesses sound judgment, as well as the relevant professional experience to bring about a successful tax outcome.

Your Tax Law Case Is Unique

We believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to tax problems and IRS controversies.  Verni Tax Law evaluates each case based upon the facts of the case, the current tax laws and the client’s needs, goals and expectations.

We dedicate a significant amount of time in evaluating each case to insure that all issues before the Internal Revenue Service as well as any new tax issue that may arise at a later date are considered. During the investigative phase of each engagement, Mr. Verni develops a risk profile based upon the client’s level of risk tolerance. Mr. Verni also makes use of his MBA in conducting financial analysis on behalf of his clients.

Anthony N. Verni has over twenty years of experience in successfully representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service, Appeals and in the U.S. Tax and District Courts.

Successful Track Record Representing Clients Participating in the 2016 Tax Amnesty Program.

The IRS recently announced significant changes to the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). The 2016 changes are considered to be an extension of the 2012 OVDP. The changes to the tax amnesty program are commonly referred to the “2014 OVDP.”

The OVDP, which now is in its fourth iteration, was introduced in 2009 in the wake of the UBS scandal and represents a commitment by IRS and Department of Justice to increase the number of taxpayers reporting their unreported foreign financial accounts. The IRS followed up in 2011 with the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. (OVDI). In 2012 and following the close of the OVDI, the IRS introduced the 2012 OVDP. In 2014 the IRS announced further modifications to the OVDP. Global tax enforcement initiatives have also resulted in greater transparency.

With the enactment and implementation of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the development of the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) spearheaded by the Organisation for Economic Assistance and Development (OECD) and the implementation other global information exchange initiatives, any thoughts of escaping IRS detection is unrealistic.

Verni Tax Law has assisted scores of expatriates and other U.S. tax residents, as well as foreign and domestic business entities in becoming compliant with the U.S. Tax laws and other financial reporting requirements, including participation in the OVDP and offshore disclosure using the Streamlined Offshore procedures.

Offices Conveniently Located in Princeton, New Jersey and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Verni Tax Law is conveniently located in Princeton, New Jersey, in close proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia. In addition, Verni Tax Law also maintains an office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Call Now for a Confidential Consultation (908) 904-9794

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