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The Law Office of Anthony N. Verni

The Law Office of Anthony N. Verni, LLC, is a boutique tax practice established by Anthony N. Verni, an attorney and certified public accountant with over 20 years of tax experience who has represented many clients in the U.S. and abroad in Federal tax controversies, FBAR penalty cases and tax compliance matters.

Your case is a priority. We will guide you through the process and develop a timely and cost effective resolution to your tax problem that is based upon  the specific facts of your case and applicable law. You will be provided with a realistic assessment of your situation and alternative strategies to resolve your tax, FBAR or tax compliance matter.

Given the sensitive nature of taxation and FBAR penalty cases, the  attorney-client privilege is of particular importance. Subject to ethical and legal exceptions, your information will be safeguarded and cannot be shared with any third party, without your written consent.  The Law Office of Anthony N. Verni, LLC has successfully represented  many high net worth individuals and companies in the United States and Overseas and is available to assist you with your tax, FBAR or tax compliance matter.

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