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Based in Princeton, New Jersey and Fort Lauderdale Florida, The Law Office of Anthony N. Verni, LLC has satisfied clients around the world. From the US to Thailand, from Colombia to Germany. We have helped clients find solutions to their serious tax problems.  Below, you will find some of the things they say about us and our services.  The below reviews can be found on Avvo

IRS FBAR and OVDI compliance representation expertise / style

As a long-term ex-pat US citizen living in Europe, I was surprised several years ago by an polite invitation from the IRS, via email, to consider filing FBARs, along with updated income tax returns. Although (or because) I am a university academic with specialization in comparative labor law, I quickly realized this process was far, far more complicated than I could personally manage. Checking with old friends, now lawyers, in the US brought me to Anthony’s website. Over a period of time, Anthony Verni collected the relevant data, calmed us down (maybe the calming came first), and assumed legal representation to IRS for me, my wife, and our daughter. The process took a few years, all delay time was on the side of IRS, not our legal representation.

2. Anthony charged a flat rate, with a modest, yet proper, additional fee due to a very entertaining, if complex, IRS agent.

3. He saw us through income tax compliance, FBAR compliance, and our being cleared by IRS without penalty. He further saw our daughter, who wound up in an unfortunate FBAR filing oversight penalty threat, gain clearance with a but a written warning and no financial penalty from IRS in an OVD “opt-out” step that was a proper and just conclusion to her circumstance.

4. It is difficult to live overseas and entrust your IRS treatment to a person never met, over a process impossible to personally stay on top of, despite advanced levels of education. Anthony saw us through for appropriate fees, stated at the outset, and observed to the end (I note again there was a modest additional amount he thought appropriate due to IRS agent hardship…, which I fully approved 🙂 ).

5. His performance was exemplary to task and I am both very grateful and pleased to recommend him.

The expat’s solution to US tax problems

I met Anthony after comparing advice and quotes from 5 different expat tax experts, all based in the U.S. I had an initial free telephone consult with Anthony about my issues with non-filing of Fbars for my foreign accounts investments.

The other attorneys I contacted had advised me that the only solution for me was to enter into the dreaded Voluntary Offshore Disclosure Program and then attempt opt out and go through an IRS audit. A costly and time consuming solution that is very risky.

After discussing the details of my particular situation Anthony, he advised me of an alternative approach that would avoid me having to enter into the OVDP. He helped me re-file my past returns and get my Fbars in order in a manner that was much less costly and financially risky.

Anthony is very straight forward, extremely knowledgeable of the unique problems faced by expats and those with overseas investments. I found working with him very easy, the turnaround was fast and his fees are absolutely great value for the service and peace of mind your receive.

I highly recommend Anthony’s services to help you put your IRS issues to rest.

Sound advice. High caliber work.

One of those people who were born by chance in the USA but never lived or worked there, in 2015 , I had no choice but to file returns with the IRS. For this purpose, fortunately, I found Mr Verni on the internet and entrusted him with the complex process involved in using the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure of the IRS. Mr Verni re-constructed six years of tax returns, literally analizing hundreds of pages of stock market trades and other transactions in order to file the corresponding FBARs. His advice proved sound and the caliber of his work high. As a result, I am now compliant with the IRS. I will certainly be calling on him for future years of tax

EXPAT solution for delayed US tax / FBAR issues

Anthony Verni helped us to file our delayed IRS tax returns and FBAR issues in a very professional way.
We are very thankful for his help and guidance thru this nightmare of rules and are highly recommending his service.


I have known and have had the pleasure of having Anthony Verni representing me on several projects over the last 20 years. I have always found him to be conscientious and diligent in working within my time restraints and goals. He has been dedicated and responsive in providing me with the the legal representation I have needed at the time.
I find Anthony to be a principled individual with excellent communication skills and always mindful of my thoughts and ideas.
I would highly recommend Anthony for whatever the scope and range of your legal requirements. You will not be disappointed.

Tax issues

Anthony Verni helped us resolve our tax issues. He guided us through the whole process and took care of the filings. He is extremely courteous and reassuring. He also explains the options available and advises what he thinks you should do.

Offshore voluntary disclosure issues

Mr. Anthony Verni, your expertise and professionalism in handling my offshore voluntary disclosure case far exceeded my expectations. Thank you and appreciate for providing guidance, support and presenting the facts of my case. I simply could not have been more pleased with the process and outcome.
I would strongly recommend your services to anyone with offshore issues or any other tax matter.
Thank you from bottom of my heart

Excellent Service

Mr. Verni provided excellent service for my tax law matter and also income tax preparation. Highly recommended.

Tax Solutions in Michigan

I would like to thank Anthony N. Verni.   Mr. Verni has successfully represented us before the Internal Revenue Service. We had foreign bank accounts that we inadvertently didn’t report and we were subject to steep penalties. As a result his efforts, the FBAR penalties were waived by the IRS.

Thank You


I came to Anthony Verni with FBAR issues. I was not sure what to expect and felt that I was going to be put in a difficult position financially as well as legally. My fears were unfounded and I was very satisfied with his professionalism and the outcome of my case.

Boyton Beach FBAR Solutions

Anthony’s help with Swift & Secure Systems Inc., CheckWare Workstations LLC and my personal taxes have been of great value. Since moving to Florida (and my Connecticut Accountant retiring) I have tried various other methods of keeping the accounting and taxes under control. Anthony is the only person I met who goes beyond the administrative approach and really looks at what his client is doing. As a result, his suggestions and activist methods have saved us both time and money. Thanks!

Success in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My wife and I had multiple years of tax to file, Anthony Verni has provided excellent tax services, and provided on going support even after the filing were done. He is very detailed and professional.

He listened to us, reviews our documents, provided additional documents and forms that we needed. He explained our options and truly displayed genuine concern for our well-being.

Anthony provided us with great services that helped us get the IRS off our backs, We highly recommend Anthony Verni, Attorney at law-Certified Public Accountant.

Many Thanks, Anthony.

Success in Bangkok, Thailand

Anthony Verni has helped me out tremendously solving my tax related FBAR situation, as well with the filing of all my unfiled tax taxes.

Having moved to Asia immediately after finishing my university studies and living here for 11 consecutive years I was totally unaware of my US tax responsibilities.  Being a US citizen and working for  foreign companies in two countries, I was in a difficult spot. Dealing with foreign accounts can be a difficult rout to navigate for a U.S. citizen.

Previously I had put my faith with a U.S. based accountant to take care of all filing and reporting requirements. Never knowing OR hearing about the foreign accounting requirements such as FBARS I was shocked when an associate told me about the requirements. I was even more shocked when I learned of the potential penalties of not meeting the filing requirements of the FBAR.

11 years of no FBAR filings later I was frantically looking for a solution. Each Accounting firm I contacted was asking for a huge upfront retainer and recycling the same threatening rhetoric of how much trouble I could be in; Hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines and potential jail time for something I NEVER EVEN KNEW EXISTED.

I refused to believe that I had the option only to pay tons of fines of what I did not deserve or to get rid of my citizenship, how could this be? I was confused, upset and angry. After nearly giving up on a solution I contacted Anthony.

Mr. Verni was the first person who spoke like a real person to me. He was calm matter of fact and mostly reassured me that in fact I could sleep at night.  Within a few months I was able to take care of all of my back filing requirements FBAR and tax requirements.

Mr. Verni’s service not only saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential fines but also allowed me to get straight with the IRS. He is now the ONLY person I go to for tax related issues.

Success in Anderson, South Carolina

Anthony N. Verni, is an attorney who is only difficult to describe because there are very few words that can accurately portray someone who is professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the area of taxation.

Anthony can identify with the average person who struggles and with those who desire to be financially responsible and need the professional insight and guidance to do so correctly, legally, and in a manner that will ultimately result in success and financial security.

Anthony invests the time necessary to ascertain every need by first identifying the source of the tax issue, then he practically and consistently provides a sensible solution that is only shared as a suggested plan of action after careful consideration of his clients’ circumstances and obligations that are currently in place.

As a Tax Attorney/Certified Public Accountant, whose services are available to both corporate and individual clients equally,  Anthony N. Verni, has a wealth of knowledge and over 20- years’ of tax and business experience. The value in those personal and professional attributes is priceless.

Success in Cebu City Philippines

Anthony was creative in helping me resolve some past issues in a way that they never became a problem so that is greatly appreciated and I feel confident I can now enjoy my retirement with peace of mind. Thanks for that.

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My husband and I have a ranch and a business. After a tax audit, which considered two years, the IRS disallowed the expenses for our cattle ranch and explained that we did not meet the IRC 183 requirements. We believed this was unfair and contacted Anthony Verni. He wrote a letter to the IRS explaining why we were compliant, and an appeal hearing was scheduled. Due to the support and legal efforts of Anthony Verni, our IRC 183 status was reinstated. He understood our situation, listened to our concerns, and took the action required.

We both highly recommend Anthony Verni. If you have a legitimate concern with an IRS audit, Anthony Verni can help in a very calm, professional, but positive way.

May God bless you, Anthony. Thank you very much.

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